Vinya Hop – Syrah

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Style: Grape Ale – Fruit Ale | Alcohol: 7% | IBU’S: 13,5 | EBC: 8

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Straw-coloured and moderately cloudy, a disconcerting beer with an unusual aromatic profile. There are notes of citrus, grapes, raisins and apricots. Otherwise, there are notes of earth, wood and some mushroom. As if that was not enough, it is also possible to smell nutmeg and turmeric. A very complex aromatic profile.

In the mouth, the beer works very effervescent. Despite the intensity, this feeling remains elegant and refined. The body is light and the texture without any resistance. In the long term, some tannins are noticeable, maybe slightly astringent, but they are compensated by a slight sweetness that recalls “cotton candy”.

The acidity is respectable. It is reminiscent of cider or a high-end sparkling wine. In fact, in this phase, apple and again earth can be found. None of these sensations last long. In a short time, the mouth is clean. And, although a little later, there is a delicious balsamic sensation to enjoy. This is the only detectable expression of bitterness.

The set is very easy to drink despite its complexity. Alcohol, in contrast to its remarkable presence, is completely integrated in a set that, moreover, is very well done: it is elegant and highly professional.

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