Cerveza Marina was founded in 2010 by the brothers Kevin and Pep Andreu Mc Carry, from the “home brewer” movement, they make the beers that they love. They are pioneers at a national level when collaborating with other brewers abroad and also organizers of the Birrasana Festival, which brings together the best national and international brewers year after year in a unique event by the sea.
Marina Cervesa Artesana Blanes
Marina Cervesa Artesana Blanes3 weeks ago
Tot l’equip de Cervesa Marina us desitjq un Feliç Sant Jordi 🌹📚🐲 Que regaleu moltes roses i llibres i brindeu amb @cervesa_marina per una diada que estem segurs que serà magnífica. Salut! 🍻
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