Marina Pale Ale

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gluten free beer

Style: Pale Ale | Alcohol: 4,5% | IBU’S: 30 | EBC: 5 | Hops: Incognito Mosaic and BBC Mosaic

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Very clear beer, between yellow and golden. The foam head is generous, dense, white, and mediumly persistent.

This beer, easy to drink and a very quenching, offers an entry based on malt, with bakery odours such as muffin or sponge cake and a rather sweet general background.

Hops are revealed with a very fresh profile, citrus notes or even sorrel as well and with some note of tropical fruit. There are discrete hues of pine resin and white flower like jasmine. In the nose, the set closes with a slight note similar to vanilla. In general, a very well structured and compact aromatic set.

The carbonation is thin and elegant. It may seem loose but over time it appears as very well measured. Bitterness is slow and starts mild. Little by little it increases intensely until it dominates the mouth phase.

The body is medium and the texture pleasantly velvety.

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