Marina Costa Brava (can)

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gluten free beer

Style: Golden Ale | Alcohol: 6% | IBU’S: 42 | EBC: 6

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We premiere canned format!

Golden colored beer, moderately cloudy and with white foam, discreet persistence and variable density.

On the nose, it begins to dominate the hops with aromas of lime, mango, papaya and other sweet fruits. Notes of resins, cypress and cut grass are also included. Very quickly however, good malt notes can be appreciated in the form of support whose effectiveness cannot be denied. Toasted aspects, bread crust, sweet bakery and some undercooked caramels are appreciated.

On the palate, the hops are dominant with a bitterness that starts out moderate and increases until it ends in a notable intensity.

The texture comes to counteract this aspect with great solvency. The beer remains clearly decanted towards the hops with a good aromatic counterpart. I would highlight the combination of texture and bitterness as well as the aromatic profile that deserves special attention. In particular, it should be said that the aromatic palette varies depending on the olfactory distance.

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