Devil’s Double IPA (can)

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gluten free beer

Style: Double Ipa | Alcohol: 8 % | IBU’S: 100 | EBC: 25

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We premiere canned format!

Slightly cloudy amber beer. The foam, ivory in color, of variable density, persists moderately and generates slight adhesions.

Very complex aromatic profile with mixed aromas of grass, leaves, fatty plants, resin, lemon, grapefruit, kiwi and lychee. The relationship would be quite long but we will end up with melon, strawberry, candies, toffee and candy. A highly colored aromatic profile!

The texture is very creamy, the body well rounded and the effervescence discreet.

The bitterness is fast, intense and quite dominant. Introduce una expresión muy acertada de fresco y es notablemente persistente. The malt profile counterbalances it, especially with aspects of caramel that are, however, somewhat overwhelmed.

The set is quite drinkable for fans of bitter and correctly digestible. The general construction is heavily skewed towards hops but has a solid and essential base of malts where notes of candied orange and caramel can be appreciated. The general play poses an opposition at a high level of intensity between texture, body and aromatic complexity on the one hand, and strong bitterness on the other. It is a game of forces, everything in power.

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