Black Sea

2,37 IVA incluido

gluten free beer

Style: Session Black Ipa | Alcohol: 4,5% | IBU’S: 40 | EBC:60

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Very generous ivory colored foam, quite persistent, of variable density and forming good adhesions.

Beer color between dark amber and brown. Very good transparency.
Smells of orange with a background of various candies as well as aspects of toffee, all on a very consistent base of malts.

We can identify pepper and licorice in cane. If not, you can also talk about grain and bran. The roasts remain in very discreet intensities and the hop profile appears as a kind of cloud that surrounds everything in what can be described as aromas of cut grass, fern, orange and undefined floral notes.

On the palate, the roasted notes express themselves more but remain modest in intensity, although we can identify fairly toasted caramels (on the verge of burning) and cocoa very much at the end.

The texture is somewhat syrupy but not cloying. The beer in general is quite attenuated. The carbonation is friendly, not at all aggressive and effective in relieving and brightening the whole.

Very successful sensory construction, easy to drink and digest, quenches thirst well and is well balanced.

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