Style: Saison   |   Alcohol: 4,5%  |   IBU’S: 20    |    EBC: 7,5

Agotado temporalmente.

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Light yellow beer, almost completely transparent with a white and dense foam.
Very fresh and aromatic, with citrus aromas, where it is possible to find tangerine and grapefruit on a discrete basis of flour, grain, crude bread and a sweet taste.
The fresh characteristic is affirmed with notes of white flower and secondary fruity aspects of apricots.

The Saison character is quite discreet. It’s easier to find when the set is warmed up.

The effervescence is very thin and lively while the body is light and the texture silky. The sip is easy, digestible and the set is well quenching.
Bitterness is very slow, round and of good quality. It does very well its refreshing function.

In the mouth you can notice the typical spicy aspects of this style that also rounds the body without adding weight.

The overall composition is very well achieved. The combination of thin and cheerful effervescence with the measured and rounded bitterness is especially interesting.

I would recommend a fairly broad range of consumption and enjoyment temperatures.

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