Amber in colour and slightly cloudy beer. The foam, of an ivory hue and variable density, persists moderately and generates slight adherences.

Aromatic profile of great complexity with mixed aromas of grass, leaves, succulents, resin, lemon, grapefruit, kiwi and lychee. The list would be long but we will end with melon, strawberry, toffee, caramel and candy. A very colourful aromatic profile!
The texture is very creamy, the body round and the effervescence discreet.

Bitterness is fast, intense and dominant. It introduces a very good expression of freshness and is remarkably persistent. The malt profile wants to counterbalance it, especially with its caramelized aspects. Despite that, it is somewhat overwhelmed.

The whole is quite drinkable and digestible enough for bitterness lovers. The general construction is very hops-oriented but has a strong and essential malt base where notes of candied orange and caramel are appreciated. The general game is an opposition to a high level of intensity between the texture, the body and the aromatic complexity on the one hand, and the strong bitterness on the other hand. It’s a set of forces, all in power.