Beer almost completely transparent, light golden in colour with a white dense and medium persistent foam, and forming laces.

Initially appear fruity scents of apricot, peach, green grape and some citrus. Then we can appreciate scents of fresh grass and touches of succulent plant. In the long run, citrus fruits become lemon and orange. All this aromatic composition rests on a firm cushion of raw dough and breadcrumbs sensations. In the background, there is a pleasant smell of candy that gives a sweet and very comfortable touch.

The body is medium but exhibits a very soft and velvety texture. This beer is very easy to drink and quenching. The bitterness is soft and refreshing. It enters slowly and fits perfectly to the set.

In general, the composition is retained, without stridency but rich in aromatic nuances moderately, refinedly and even delicately expressed. It suggests a pleasant almost poetic bucolicism.