Estyle: Session IPA   |   Alcohol: 4,5%  |   IBU’S: 31    |    EBC: 8

Agotado temporalmente.

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reat difference between the nose and mouth phases. The first is very rich, impacting and, at the same time, smooth. Includes aromas of grass, flowers and citrus, including tangerine and orange. In the background, there are to find resiny notes with almost nothing of wood. This profile is based on a cushion of pastry and candy with a special mention for fine pastry. One can also mention a considerable tone of vanilla.

In the mouth phase, the odors are a little lost and the balance settles definitively towards the hops, with a very fast bitterness, impacting and sensorially almost hegemonic without being aggressive or acerbic. It is round and particularly refreshing.

Very drinkable and digestible beer. Very thirst-quenching also. The final is dry even if it keeps a slightly sweet tone. It only dries the mouth very little. Body, texture and effervescence are in the same line of softness and lightness.
A well-bound composition, nothing complicated or extreme, but with a good push.

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